​​Absolutely Beautiful Wedding Invitations and Stationery 

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Samavdiya Invitations and Wedding Stationery are truly unique and one of a kind. They add the elegance and luxury, difficult to achieve with ubiquitous stationery. For your exclusive clientele that cares for details, ask Samvadiya to create custom personalized wedding stationery which will make their event a memorable one. 
Samvadiya would love to work with you if you share the vision of elegance and quality, to provide custom or 'ready to go' products. Please complete the form below to connect with us and discuss dealer terms and understand customization options, ordering process and wedding package rates. Click here to review/ order dealer sample boards.

Or, if you need to place an order for an upcoming event, please send us detailed requirements by entering them in the message section. We will get back to you within 24 hours

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